If you don’t have a degree in English, literature, or another related writing field, but you want to write and publish a book, then this free video series is perfect for you.

I was in your shoes back in 2012 and have since built a business with my books. What I have to teach you, I’ve learned from sitting through many in-person classes, online courses, and webinars on writing, editing, publishing, and marketing of fiction. I grew frustrated scouring the internet for information. It left me feeling like a rat in a digital maze. It was hard to sort out what would work and what would be a waste of precious time and money. I learned a lot of my lessons the expensive way. So I’ve created this free video series to help guide you through the first stages of writing and becoming an author. 

In this Powerpoint video series, I’ll cover:

  1. Introduction and the steps necessary to take you from a book idea to publication.
  2. Fundamentals of an effective story.
  3. Why editing and editors are important.
  4. What to consider before publishing.
  5. Struggles of new authors and tips for making the best.
  6. Common amateur mistakes and marketing advice.
  7. At the end, you will be able to download a Critique Sheet, Book Checklist, the presentation slides, as well as a page with some helpful websites you might want to consider checking out.

This series contains over three hours of free content to help you save time and money and get back to doing what you love: writing, creating, and enjoying life!

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